Bag on demand

You have an idea of ​​your future bag ... But it is not in the Catalog ...

How about a safe-to-measure bag?

To do this, simply complete the Free form by clicking here

Its goal is to materialize your idea of ​​bag, pouch or cover.

Once the form has been completed, an email will be sent to you confirming that the response has been processed. (Within 24 / 48H)

In this email you will find a photo of all the fabrics you have chosen and a sketch of your order.

After acceptance of the sketch proposal your order will be made.

You can make your purchase directly on the site when the confection is finished.

The deadlines will be communicated to you by email.

Information and price details:

- For a single bag the basic price is 57 €

- For a pouch the base price is € 37

- For a cover the base price is 15 €

- For a bag and a pouch the base price is 87 €

- For a bag and a cover the base price is 67 €

- For a bag, a pouch and a cover the base price is 95 €

Bag on demand


  • The Models

    Here are some models of Bag on Demand that it is possible to make.

  • The Tissues

    Here is the variation of the different colors and patterns that you can find in the Bag on Demand form

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